Mara (Red Dress Shoot)

this is Mara
she is one of my most favorite people to shoot!
she is not only drop dead gorgeous but she is FUN....
we always have tons of laughter and she is always up for anything.
Another awesome shoot Mara, as usual you killed it girl..


photoshoot at 2pm, meeting with client at 4pm
and then a nice steak dinner with the family.
i don't know whats wrong with me lately. i haven't been feeling good at all. i have no appetite, no energy to do anything or even a desire to do anything....
im gonna make an appt to see the doctor for next week.
have a good Sunday peeps



it's ll:04 PM. i've done nothing all day but lay on the couch and watch tv and read. yeah its been one of those dreary days where i couldn't force myself out to face the gloom.
no sun, and dark skies. and now, rain drops are hitting the panes of window with a gentle force. 
i've got a headache on the right side of my head and the IBUs i took 2 hours ago are doing nothing to dull the pain...its just throb..throb...throb...
i haven't written a decent blog post in a couple months and i hate that. i sit down at the computer but the words fail me...they fail to come...they fail to express my thoughts and emotions that pass from day to day...
for the most part since i've stopped taking prozac i've been pretty good. i think even better than when i was taking it. but still..something is off...and i don't know if it is depression..but it lingers there back in the dark and today i let it take control...only because i didn't have the strength to fight it.tommorrow will be better...
the last week has been filled with sadness and grief. seems everytime i turn around someone young child has been shot, or killed and i often go to bed thinking what in the world has gone wrong and how did the once happy childhood world that i grew up in, where did it go?
it deeply saddens me...


Testing Presets

Testing out the new 03 pack of Greg Peterson presets!



Meet Zack
he's 35 years young
in February he was diagnosed with cancer. tonight i had the privilege of watching his wife and daughter chop off his long locks. the upbeat of this family and laughter was incredible to witness, it left me with some many emotions, i have no doubt that this guy is going to KICK cancer's ass to the  curb!
Im honored that he and his family are sharing their journey with me and I'll be periodically posting updates of their journey in this season of their life.
I'm praying for them please pray with me