Model Shoot

Got to get out yesterday and do some creative shooting with the awesome, Nikki!
the weather was gorgeous! and although we had to deviate from our original plans, we made it work!
thanks Nikki can't wait to work with you again soon

Beware - Rant Session

its to minutes to 2. I've been laying in a bed for an hour now with a million thoughts invading  my head.  of course all these thoughts, to-do-lists, inspiration, all these things never come to me during the day, its always at night when im wanting to shut down that  a spark goes off in my head and the processes begins...should i continue to lay here and try to turn them off, or should i get up go out the computer and write them all down....
most of the time, i lay there, sometimes for 2 hours before my mind settles down and im able to drift off the sleep. however, tonight i decided to act upon them...
so, yeah. here i am...
im having a love \ hate relationship with my 17 year old daughter these past few weeks.
i seriously am at my ends wit with her. i don't know how to reach her and i come off as the nagging mom. she has a knack at making me feel like she's in control and that everything is my fault.
this parenting teenagers is harder than i remember. but then, alexis and i never went through this faze. Luckily her and I were always able to communicate every easily. Not so much with my last child.
it's tiring, the same old arguments and disrespect from her daily is a heavy burden to haul.
im weary and im aching to reconnect with her again.
i made a big decision to not shoot anymore weddings after this season is over. My heart has never really been into shooting weddings, i mainly have done it for the money, but my lack of enthusiasm for them has gotten so bad, i've decided to not shoot them anymore.
i'll be completely happy and content with my regular one hour shoots of everything else.
today I was thankful for the loving and forgiving Lord that I have. I stuck my foot in my mouth today and felt horrible about it. Of course I apologized to the (said) person and they accepted my apology with  such grace. Sometimes I get so discouraged with my behavior and my over re-acting. I really need to stop and think before I open my mouth. The Lord has brought some amazing people into my life recently and Im blessed.
So with that I think I'll try to head back to bed and salvage as much sleep as I can get.


Update & Kimberly and Preston Downtown shoot

Meet Preston & Kimberly.
Our original plan was to meet up and shoot at the carnival...although little did i know it was the last day and by the time we got there they were packing it up and leaving...yeah...totally bummed about that on a side note, the fair will be here in August, so Im hoping we can schedule something then.
So when all else fails head downtown!
i love downtown...every week when i was a little girl my mom would take my sister and i to "Petersons" for tea and lunch. it was kind of a tradition of ours, so sad that it's not there anymore. i hate change...why can't people just leave things alone...everybody's always got to be changing something...i hate it and i don't adapt well to it.
there are so many cool places to shoot downtown so we just kinda of went with it and did whatever!
Kimberly and Preston work well together and both are fun and easy to be around.
Not to mention they are not are not bad on the eyes either, lol.
More on personal note. I am finally starting to feel better. Although I did get the test results back from my ultrasound last week and of course additional tests are needed...grrrrr, i though i was over this hurdle, but apparently not.
my sweet girl alexis is hanging in there. this pregnancy has been so hard on her and i can't wait for that little bundle of joy to get here, 9 weeks and counting and thats if she makes it that long, her doctor doesn't seem to think she will. being on bed rest is hard when you have 2 other kids to take care of....
the weather the last few days have been awesome! in the middle 70s and nice cool breezes. Perfect, I wish Summer could stay like this for the whole season.
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and can get outside and enjoy some of this beautiful weather.



filled with mason jars of daisies, and hot, sweltering heat! the drip down your face sweat after being outside for 5 minutes and doing nothing...that kind of heat.
every year my neighbors front hill is jammed pack full of blooming daisies. and she hates them. I on the hand hand...LOVE them. and every year a couple times a week i run down there with my mason jars and fill them up and spread through-out the house.
as i was coming home from the grocery store earlier she stopped me in the alley and asked, why I haven't been down to get daisies. I explained to her that i have been ill and not made it down there. during dinner she stops over with a handful of daisies. 
thank you Shelia for your kind gesture. its simple acts of kindness that make the world just a little brighter and stirs a big happy in my heart.
PS...and the cute little kitten is a new addition to our family. I told Caitlin, "Don't come home with that kitten" when she texted me last night and low and behold she came home with that kitten!
her name is...mekco
looks like she just found a new home....