Finding Joy in the Simplest Things...Humbly and Gratefully (Bella Grace Blog Hop)

im a simply girl. i thrive on the simple things however  life has been throwing me some curve balls recently, one right after the other..or so it seems

i get scared  in this world we live in. it feels as if everything is getting out of control . about 15 years ago i was diagnosed with panic attacks and high anxiety. at that time i had two small children. every time i would leave my house anxiety would creep in quick and id  be down the road before i had to turn around and head back home. it was an awful feeling, i was convinced i was dying until my doctor found the right medication and  i was once again able to function in the world.
i didn't find my passion for photography until much later.  ironically my dad was a photographer and had a studio for years but sadly i had not found my interest until he had passed away so pretty much im a self-taught photographer. and i am also a published writer of a couple short stories.
although its a scary world we live in today i rely on my faith in Jesus and find happiness and inspiration around the things i love. Simple Things. Routines and out of the ordinary.. I'm a story teller, a vintage lover, i love english gardens and pretty pink roses. I'm obsessed with going to Paris someday and
i live on sweet tea,  i love summer and polaroids...and the best...
squeals of laughter from children
gazing at the moon on a star-lit night
catching fire-fly's in mason jars and letting them go the next morning

i know that things aren't always going to be good, thats just life, you have to take the bad with the good but i try my hardest to find the beauty in the simple spending as much time with my granddaughter as i possibly can. with her im able to escape into her world which is filled with
many wonderful things i soak up like a sponge...

life's a journey that should be celebrated everyday
humbly and gratefully
i try to not forget that people are important
and should be loved and is so short
we are here for such  little time  and its important to be kind and generous, to forgive and to love
always love, fierecly and with all your might...

everyday should be found laughing and i don't mean little giggles
i mean gut busting laughing till your stomach hurts laughs
spending time with your loved ones....
eating dessert first
sipping fresh lemonade on a hot summer day
hearing the sonnet of locusts in the middle of summer
and sing while you do the dishes
help someone out and don't expect anything in return
dress up and hang out in the library on a rainy day
light candles 
and make wishes, lots of them...

But most importantly
Choose LOVE

this is part of the "Bella Grace" Blog Hop


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